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Cuxhavener Schiffsentsorgung

We handle slop disposal in accordance with MARPOL

To complete the line of services we offer "all around the ship", we founded the company Cuxhavener Schiffsentsorgung. We have a contract with the state of Lower Saxony making us the only expert company between Cuxhaven and Stade which is authorized in accordance with the Water Resources Management Act to dispose of special wastes from the ships docked in the harbours or passing by as regulated by MARPOL. MARPOL stands for "Maritime Pollution" and is a world-wide convention which regulates the disposal of wastes and special wastes.


Our disposal ship "Herta" collects all of the different types of special wastes such as bilge water, sludge, tank washing water and solid work materials containing oil and transports them to Cuxhaven where they are temporarily stored. Here the wastes are separated with special procedures into a water, oil and mud phase before they are transported in a coastal tanker/tank truck to the place where they are permanently disposed of, recycled, or burned.